More About Me

I've always felt different. Growing up Hispanic and "white" in the Bronx probably had something to do with it. Skinny, asthmatic, shy - I didn't make many friends. I stayed home a lot while other kids went out and "lived." I didn't care much for that stuff. Mom would work for most of the day and Dad didn't seem to care. Books helped. Imagination was a must. I carried around those black-and-white marbled notebooks with me everywhere: jotting down ideas; sketching anime and video game characters; and conducting my first experiments with fiction, ghost stories and murder mysteries, blatant imitations of my childhood hero, RL Stine. He really was a hero for me because the popularity of the Goosebumps series kept me from getting beat up as a child for reading.

Alas, I lost those notebooks to time. Forgot about writing for a while. My teenage years were spent dreaming. At one point I wanted to become a professional wrestler, like the ones on TV - all 120 lbs of me. Then I wanted to be a goth rocker. Only I forgot I lived in the Bronx and would have to go outside. Those dreams didn't work out. All the while, I felt I had neglected school, something I'd thought I wouldn't need. But in my time away I educated myself on Poe, Shakespeare, science, and French. I loved learning. For its own sake. Reason finally hit me in the ass, and I went back to school. After my first English class, I knew I wanted to teach. And after my first creative writing class I realized what I'd already known: that I loved writing. Got an MFA.

Currently, most of my work, mostly fiction, can be found online. I spend my limited days on earth writing, reading, working, and with girlfriend - though not in that order. I hope to leave you all with something of myself. I hope you like it.