Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Embarrassing Moment

When I was little (about ten), my dad took me to the pool. I remember being the only light-skinned person there. I was a very shy kid and kept to myself. Then as I was getting out of the pool, my underwear (yes, I was wearing underwear at the time) was showing. A girl saw it and immediately started making fun of me; I had forgotten I'd chosen for that day to wear the Power Rangers underwear.

"Ha, ha!" that bitch said. "He's wearing Power Rangers underwear!" She pointed and laughed and tried to get everyone to notice. I was beyond embarrassed but pretended not to hear. That was impossible. I might have ran out of there, but then this kid said, "So what? I like Power Rangers." (I was a couple years older, so, for them, Power Rangers wasn't uncool yet.) I played it off like there was no big deal. So we made her look like the weird one!

Lesson: plan your underwear very carefully. (It actually wasn't the first time people saw my Power Rangers underwear. Apparently, I really liked it.)

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