Sunday, August 4, 2013

Writerly Update: 8/2013

Here's a quick update to keep my loyal fans, Noguereros (if they exist, I'll call them this), happy and informed:

Short Novels

I have recently finished the third draft of a short novel, which I'll call Notorious for reference purposes. It's part memoir, part roman a clef - about the harassment I've faced at the hands of some truly sad individuals who call themselves cops. This novel will form part of my master's thesis. Unfortunately, it's a bit short and I'll need another long fiction piece to comprise the required 150p-length.

Therefore, I've started to plot a short novel (I really tend to write shorter works, but it's early and, who knows, it might develop into a novel). I'm calling it Solutions for now. It's about the upcoming technological singularity. Perhaps I've been reading too much Kurzweil. I've been doing a lot of research, unfortunately. (My research philosophy is: do as little of it as possible; it gets in the way of the story.) I don't want to give away too much. And it's early. I'll just say that, at some point, a nuke may go off.


I'm putting together a poetry chapbook, which I'm calling Remember (working title). I actually have to prepare for the upcoming semester, which will be my last. So this is a bit of a distraction. However, I have about 18 poems I want to group together. They cover life, death, forgetting, and remembering. They're honest and mean a lot to me. I care more about meaning than language.

Poems and Stories

I finished a draft of a story called "Cry" (working title), which was fun to write. It's my first work of fantasy (as opposed to SF) and comments, to say the least, on religion.

I've sent out numerous poems and a few stories throughout the summer but editors aren't picking them (so I haven't published anything this year despite putting out way more, and better quality material, than last year, in which I published two stories and poem, my firsts). I'm doing and will continue to do my best - that's all I can do.

I have some other stories either drafted or ready for the upcoming semester, in which I will be taking a fiction workshop, work on my thesis, and take a Critical Practice course on steampunk/SF. That's what I'm focusing on mostly.


I will be doing a reading in September. But it has yet to be announced and I'm unsure of the appropriate "etiquette" in this case, so I will say no more - except it will be in New York and I will read my short story "I Love You More" (unpublished), about an unlucky man who loves his mom, maybe too much. I may do a few more readings this year.

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