Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be Weird

"Get out there, get filthy, creepy and weird." - Ron from Jersey Shore

I just want to encourage people to be their unique, weird selves. In a society where beauty is dictated by the media and attaining it is attaining self worth, I think it's critical to preach individuality. It's what makes the world beautiful if you ask me. Hitler had it wrong, it turns out. Homogeneity does not strengthen a society. It weakens it.

I was always weird. I was skinny, "white," shy, and going to public school in the Bronx. The only time I was ever popular was in high school, when I basically wasn't myself. I had mostly black friends and I dressed and talked "ghetto," like they did. So why be real if being fake gets you popularity?

I think as you grow older you realize that you don't want to be somebody else. You don't want to be an ideal. You want to be you. And have people appreciate who you really are. Not many might, but the satisfaction from that, I'm willing to bet, beats whatever it feels like to have people fooled, including yourself. 

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