Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pre-Semester Post: Spring 2013

Thought I'd mention my classes, readings, and what I expect to learn for the semester.

Novel Workshop

I really wanted to make sure to do at least one novel workshop. I'm allotted five in the MFA program. So far, I've taken: fiction, translation, poetry, and now the novel workshop. I guess I like to dabble. Each class that I took showed me invaluable things about writing and language and communication. Too many things to enumerate. No doubt, I will learn a lot.

I'll be reading two student submissions per week while writing a two-page analysis of each. I'll be working on my short novel currently called Jonah the Notorious, which I began not very long ago. This will be my master's thesis, so it should be done by the end of the year or so.


When I registered, despite doing so early, most lit classes were already taken. I had to take this or no class for the semester. I chose to take the class to graduate sooner. I'm already reading Moby-Dick, which is an awesome work considering the time period and country. Still, I find the language a bit pompous or overly romantic at times - a lot. (I get that Melville is romanticizing sea voyaging, but I think some of it hits you on the head.)

As you might of guessed I'll be reading a lot of Melville's works. Not crazy about it, but I wasn't thrilled with my Thomas Hardy class at Fordham and it turned out to be a great learning experience.

American Studies

Focus: the "American Century." Some of the readings: Sun Also Rises; Great Gatsby; Woman Warrior; Crying of Lot 49; poetry by Elliot, Hughes, etc. Modern American lit is probably my favorite lit to study, so it makes up a little for the Melville.

I'll post again midsemester to show what I've learned and/or reflect on the semester so far.

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