Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year: 2013

2012 was a year of lots of writing. And learning. I expect to do even more this year. Onto the predictions and resolutions for 2013.

Let me start by reviewing my predictions from last year. Again, this is in the spirit of skepticism - I don't actually believe I'm psychic. I made two general and seemingly random predictions about newsworthy events for the year, one realistic, the other taking a chance. There was a 7.1 Earthquake on a Pacific island nation (Vanuatu) according to Wikipedia. However, no one was killed - so I was wrong. I'm quite glad. The latter prediction, again luckily, did not occur, no other nuclear meltdown in the Far East. In terms of celebrity death, I was wrong on both counts. Jerry Seinfeld and LiLo are still alive and mostly well. The whole LiLo morgue mishap last year seemed like a metaphor that she just wouldn't go this year - i.e., she'd be late.

This year's predictions:


  • Realistic - Most destructive hurricane to date, in terms of property damage. Substantial death toll. (Sorry, but global warming is not a political issue; it's a fact that, well, won't be ignored.)
  • Taking a Chance - Some direct military altercation between the US and Iran, taking place in the latter, possibly involving actual troops or people being shot.

Celebrity Death

  • Realistic - Clint Eastwood
  • Taking a Chance - Seth Green (nothing against the guy, sorry)

Now a review of last year's writerly resolutions. I wrote several stories. Guess I can say I finished three.  I did well beyond two poems, maybe a baker's dozen. Still working on quite a few. I did not write two novellas, though. I finished the draft of one but will expand it. I started another and will likely have a good draft if not finish it this year. I read well beyond three novels, maybe a baker's dozen. Definitely more stories than that. And many more poems.

This year's writerly resolutions (minimum here shown):

  • Write
    • Finish a novella I started (will be my master's thesis) called Jonah the Notorious
    • Finish two flash fiction pieces that began as freewrites
    • Finish a short story started in a fiction workshop that needs to be rewritten
    • Do a new, restructured draft of a novella I'm calling (at the moment) Will
    • Finish five poems
  • Read
    • 10 novels (some: Norwegian Wood, Great Gatsby, 1Q84)
    • 10 shorts (some: Call of the Cthulhu, Snows of Kilimanjaro, Pura Principle)
    • Lots of poetry

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