Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: HHGG

I saw the film, which I generally liked, and couldn't wait any longer and plunged into the book. I did enjoy it. The book is funny, witty, well-written, thoughtful, and entertaining. But I found that reading it after watching the film was just, well, a little boring. It was like reading the script for the film. (There are some key differences between film and book, though, but not much.) It's a short book. And the film, the case is usually the opposite, is more detailed and interesting than the book.

Another significant problem for me has more to do with the genre (or subgenre) in general: SF comedy. The problem with this genre (though when reading Slaughterhouse Five, I found myself not having this problem) is that the sequence of events is often so improbable and unexpected that it renders much of the consequences null. Yes, this is done intentionally for comic effect, but it becomes difficult to care about the perils the protagonists find themselves in if you know that just about any ridiculous thing you could think of could get them out.

Sadly, I don't think I'll be reading anymore from the series (but I might). Maybe it was just that I'd seen the film before reading the book. Still, a lot of people love the series.

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