Monday, August 27, 2012

Pre-Semester Post: Fall 2012

This semester I'm taking a poetry workshop, the 18th Century Novel, and Short Fiction (a critical practice course). (Three courses per semester are considered full time.)

Usually, I like to prepare for the courses a bit and do some studying. I haven't, though. Too busy writing. I wanted to get some stuff done because I knew I wouldn't be able to do them during the semester. I wrote some poems, did some translations, finished three stories, and worked on a novella or two. I also accomplished a lot of reading. Good summer.

I think all three classes will be a lot of fun. I'm not such a great poet, but I'm looking forward to learning. It's a form that I definitely don't want to neglect. I grew up reading Poe and I've never forgotten that one could be good at prose as well as verse, one could pursue both, and they're both worth pursuing!

The novel class should be good. I originally wanted to take a novel workshop, but my piece wasn't accepted for the class. Alas! So I took poetry. I thought this lit class would go well with the novel workshop. Anyway, it sounds like a good course. I've very interested in novels and expect to write quite a few in my lifetime. Something about a large project that requires skill and dedication. I probably won't have to buy any books for this course since it's all 18th century and I can get the books for free. Love it when that happens! Why wasn't my undergrad experience like this?!

The short fiction course sounds really nice to. As I said, I grew up reading Poe. He was the master of genre, really popularized it. So I've always valued it. Some think it's inferior to the novel. Ha! While a novel requires more dedication and time, a short story is just a different animal. It presents its own challenges to the writer (namely, how the hell do I make something literary and worth writing and in a limited space?).

Excited. Will learn a lot. A lot of useful stuff since I'll definitely be writing poems and short stories and novels in the future. I like to dabble.

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