Sunday, July 15, 2012

Writerly Update: 7/12

The first of probably quite a few updates on my writing, just in case you'd like to know.


I've sent out a few things to editors. I've sent a batch of poems. They're good poems. Personal. Some hopeful. Some not so much. But very me. The ones that'll get rejected, I'll probably continue working on, 'cause I'm very much like that. They say stories/novels/poems are never finished. They're abandoned.

I've also sent out a story, the earliest one I've made that I still have, called "Homesick." A short story about Thom. He thinks he's an alien. And he doesn't like it here on earth. Only, his mom won't let him move out till he's eighteen.

Working on

I'm finishing up a draft of a short story about my early life, an attempt by me to probe the question: what is the origin of my perceived difference? I've struggled with the title a bit. Right now it's called "Imitating Life." It's funny. It's sad. It's funnisad.

I'm also still working on two short novels. One started some time ago, called Guardian. An SF story about the coming Singularity. I've done several drafts, but I'm still unhappy with it and have much work to do. Striking a balance between humor and seriousness has proven to be a challenge for this one. But it's currently "on the shelf" while I finish a few shorter pieces.

The other short novel I began last semester as part of a course called Narrative Structure. It's very autobiographical. It's about a guy named Jonah who thinks people are after him. Maybe he's just crazy. It's currently only a few pages long, though and "on the shelf," as well. Be patient my friends.

That's about it. Of course, I do weekly postings here. I'll keep ya posted.

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