Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poem: 25 / The Difference

This is my first poem published in a magazine. I wrote it for my 25th birthday - I write a poem and wear black every anniversary of my birth. It's a melodramatic tradition started when I was a teenager. The earliest of these poems I still have in my possession is "Four and Twenty," which is published here. Check "Five and Twenty" in Inwood Indiana's super issue Harvest Time. (The stanzas are not divided up as I intended [five four-line stanzas]. However, this was the Editor's choice. Because of this, and because I've since edited the poem, I've decided to publish the poem here, as well.)

25 / The Difference

I am the man who stands there
Alone at times, but never without a cause
Life's challenges:

my vigor

I am the man who breathes here
I do so as anyone else,
only when I do, I like to take my time,
holding each breath to the fullest

I am the man who dies and who is born
I am him every day
I play both parts,
making sure to play them right

I am the man
who stands there,
who breathes here,
who dies and is born

I am this man
That is what’s most important
While I see myself in everyone,
I cherish the difference

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