Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poem: Bronx Community

I was a student at BCC and have worked there for years.

The campus in 1904 (when it was NYU).

Bronx Community

To my homies, mi gente:
yo, saludo,
and a hello to the professors.
I’ve walked on the university’s Heights,
where Washington’s battery once perched.
Him and other great Americans, too,
in a famed Hall are on campus still.
I’ve overlooked Harlem’s River
seated in a room that used to be a dorm
for a more affluent university in New York.
I’ve seen the dome, modeled after Greece’s,
theirs dedicated to all the gods,
ours to some guy named Gould,
and designed by a White guy
who was shot for sleeping with another guy’s girl.
I’ve worked at its Center,
tutoring a process called writing
to a boundless group called students.
And they in turn
have taught me who they were.
And if you ask me,
we are all BCC.

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