Sunday, February 5, 2012

Translation: "The Golden Crane"

I wasn't asked to do this. This isn't an assignment. I was only assigned to read a handout for my Translation Workshop. But since I took the time to write a translation based on the crib (word-for-word translation) and some of the sample translations of the Chinese poem, the Golden Crane, I'd figured I'd kill two crane's with one stone and post it here. Enjoy.

My Translation:

The immortal man went away riding a golden crane
Leaving only this empty gold pavilion behind
The golden crane only flies forward
A thousand, thousand years of lonely clouds pass by

The river is bright, and brighter still the Han-yang trees
The grass grows lush, fragrantly on Ying-wu Isle
The Sun sets before I am home
The river waves mist, feeding my tears

The Crib:

Former person once rode brown (yellow) crane away
This place emptily left brown crane building
Brown crane once gone never again returns
white clouds thousand years empty long-long (slow-slow)

Clear (sky) river clear-clear Han-yang trees
Fragrant grass lush-lush Ying-wu Isle
Suns sets home place what point is?
Mist waves river upon make person sad (melancholy).

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