Monday, September 5, 2011

What to Blog, What to Blog

I've been making an attempt to post weekly, but, recently, I've started my MFA program, which requires the bulk of my time and attention. Looking up some common topics to blog about, I ran across this helpful article. The first helpful hint is to write about writing problems I face and how to solve them. Well, very apropos, indeed: generating new topics to blog about is a bit of challenge for me as predominately a fiction writer.

One way I solve this problem is by keeping a journal or diary where I write down my thoughts about random subjects. I think this is a very important thing for writers to do, and song writers too, I learned. (Ok, I'll admit that I watched the YouTube Presents Taylor Swift interview. Taylor is adorable. Anyway, she talked about how she writes down ideas for songs wherever she is so she doesn't forget, which is what I do with story ideas.)

I also write book reviews, convenient since I'm always reading something. (I also have a BA in English, but that hardly qualifies me for anything.) This is an attempt to have something a bit more regular to post about. But the whole MFA program fucked that up.

What else? Sometimes there are just topics that I know I want to write about and have wanted to write about for quite some time - such as the "Vegan Misconceptions" post.

Of course, I will post links to published stories and other kinds of writerly updates.

Otherwise, I'm still searching. The blog, like a newborn sapient technological being, is still evolving.

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