Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creationist Craziness

I saw this (unintentionally) funny Web page the other day, saved the URL, and put it here so you all can have a good laugh. It's obviously promoting some creationist (or intelligent design - whatever they're calling it these days) video on the supposedly secret truth about life. The first paragraph is hilarious.

First two sentences: "What does modern DNA research now prove about the theory that simple cells evolved into all life on earth? Simply that evolution is impossible."

Modern DNA research proves evolution is impossible, huh? Damn, I guess all those biological scientists are out of jobs since everything they know is based on an impossibility. Notice, also, how creationists love to talk about "all life on earth" (i.e., its biodiversity) as something that is impossible to achieve by any natural process. This demonstrates a complete incomprehension of both the concept of just how large a timescale billions of years is and the exponential factor of evolution. (That is, as biology evolves, like technology, it utilizes what is available to build ever-increasingly complex and new structures - therefore, life first evolved on the earth after about a billion years of the earth's formation, but it only took a couple million for our ape-like ancestors to evolve to us.) Anyway, I can't really attack the claim because it isn't one: there's no study or research that is being pointed at.

The following sentence: "So why is this information being kept from the general public?"

It's a conspiracy - duh! Teachers and scientists are conspiring to keep the truth away from the public. Why? They'll be out of a job, of course. Teachers and scientists don't give a crap about truth, as if that's relevant to them.

Concluding sentence, meant as a probing question: "Should Darwins theories still be taught as facts in our educational institutions?"

I like this not only because of the missing apostrophe or the fact that Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is pluralized (it's one collective theory - that's the point), but because it attempts to say that what we are all taught universally in school is completely wrong. Ok, that has happened on occasion (e.g., heliocentrism - long time ago, though), but to attempt to replace evolution with or even to give equal emphasis in schools to a philosophical position (intelligent design) when evolution has well over a century of corroborating research and refinement, ever-improving fossil and DNA evidence, and acceptance by the vast majority of world scientists is absurd. Period.

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